040 Chris Pinchen and the web of distrust


The internet was heralded as a free for all democratic forum where we will come together as a global society and tackle important issues. Instead we got segregated, trapped in various digital prisons which are running 24/7 surveillance on our persons, behaviours and habits. What went wrong and how do we change the way future is bestowed upon us? What can and what must we do as a digital individual, as a group, as a society?

We sat down with an activist Chris Pinchen at the ARNES Mreža znanja conference to talk about the web of distrust, deep-fake videos, the failure of the commons idea and the ways we can all put them back together.

Chris Pinchen is a activist concerned with the levels, and extent, of surveillance in society. Chris is co-founder of the Chokepoint Project, a non-profit organisation that collects, analyses and reports on data relating to network neutrality and civil rights in the digital domain.

The podcast music provided by Ben Seretan.

Citizen D advice:

  • Require political responsibility for all things net!
  • Focus on the collaborative efforts of your social circle in securing your privacy
  • Make the net work for you.

More information:

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About the podcast:

Podcast Citizen D gives you a reason for being a productive citizen. Citizen D features talks by experts in different fields focusing on the pressing topics in the field of information society and media. We can do it. Full steam ahead!

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